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William de Broase, who seems to have had quite a reputation in his formative years, was the father of five children, three sons and two daughters who all but the eldest lived at the castle in Bramber amid much pomp and luxury. After atoning for his earlier conduct William grew to be a very wealthy and popular man, much admired by local people and other lords of equal rank. From all accounts he was doing quite well, until his wealth and popularity drew the attention of King John, who's jealousy lead to the ruin the popular Lord of Bramber.

For William de Braose was one of a group of confederate barons at the time who took an important role in trying to get a better administration of the laws and fairer dealings in public affairs. Considering the political atmosphere at the time this would not have been and easy job, for men with any less power then that of baron to try to even attempt to do, because of this King John who in the end would have been the one to loose out wanted to make an example of this man. He could have gone the whole hog and seized de Braose himself, he desisted from this knowing full well that the popularity of the man would result in all of Sussex taking up arms against him. So hatching another plot, he sent his equerry Sir Peter Maulue, to Bramber in order to demand of the Lord his children, as hostages in order to secure his good behaviour in the future. When de Braose of course refused this suggestion the King swore he would be revenged for such an insult and ordered an army to march against Bramber.

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As powerful as he was de Braose knew full well that he did not have the means to sustain a war against the King of England, and opted for the safe option of removing his family by boat to Ireland as quickly as possible were they would join his eldest son Reginald. King John caught wind of his plan though and as soon as the family had landed in Ireland, they where captured and taken to Windsor castle to be imprisoned. It is here the family was starved to death as an example to all the other barons, who would consider rebelling against the King.

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