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Bramber castle whose name is taken from the Saxon 'Brymmburh' meaing fortified place, was built shortly after the Conquest by William de Braose to guard the then sizable port on the river Adur. Little remains of the castle except one wall of the keep about 75 feet high (24 m) and portions of the perimeter wall in the NE of the site. The mound on which it is built looks like a gigantic motte but is natural and there is a pre-conquest motte within the walls, which dates back to saxon times. From the site it can be seen what a very fine defensive position the castle occupied. During the Civil War the castle was attacked and destroyed by Parliamentary forces, who used the nearby church as a gun emplacement.

The church was originally built in 1075 as a chapel for the castle and housed a small Benedictine college. Part of the original nave remains, but much damage was done in the seventeenth century and the Victorian restoration is not good. The present chancel is housed in the original tower and transepts.
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The only remaining part of the castle is the remain west wall of the keep.Several smaller sections of the perimeter (curtain) wall exist on the north and east sides. It is likely the locals used the stone in their own buildings, after the civil war. In Victorian times the Castle Hotel and Pub in Bramber village  rented the castle grounds as a pleasure park and tea rooms.

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